A Purpose Driven Woman 


Virtual Fireside Chat w/ Felicia Shakespeare and 
Guest Valorie Burton  

Felicia Shakespeare is an author, international speaker, accomplished educator and entrepreneur that helps women build their brand by connecting to their purpose. She is the author of You Are Your Brand, Founder of A Purpose Driven Woman, and hosts the A Purpose Driven Woman Podcast. Felicia has won numerous awards, including the FWD Collective Award (For Women & Diversity), WNBA Chicago Sky #RedefinePossible Women’s Leadership Award and is the 2020 Winner of the Global Woman Inspirational Award, London, UK. Her latest book project, "A Purpose Driven Woman: 14 Memoirs on Becoming Fearless & Intentional" is set for release September 2020.

Valorie Burton is the author of twelve books on personal development, founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and an international speaker on resilience and happiness. She has spent more than 15 years studying the research of resilience, positive emotion and courage – and implementing it in her own life and with hundreds of clients from a dozen countries and nearly every state in the US. Her books include, It’s About Time, Successful Women Think Differently, Brave Enough to Succeed, among others.

The path to finding your true purpose is often filled with doubts
and detours, and attaining the life you feel destined to live can seem impossible. 

In this documentary it's evident that by these women that while Becoming Fearless & Intentional, you can transform your life and live out your purpose.

The compelling stories of women who shifted into their purpose to become the best version of themselves...

 ...will embolden you to face the truth of your circumstances; forgive those, including yourself, who have caused you harm; and take the necessary steps to become everything you were born to be. 

This anthology will serve as a testament to every woman who decided not to give up on her dream

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, is more critical than ever to become who your intended to become. 


You will learn why you can no longer afford to play small because of others 


 Live out your God given authenticity and that's okay


Self acceptance

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“One of the things that I liked about the inaugural “A Purpose Driven Woman” conference was that the size was manageable from a networking standpoint. Although the attendees had different backgrounds and experiences, they shared an idea of transitioning to something else or building on something they started. It made for a very positive and energetic environment.”

Deborah Gray-Young, Executive Coach, Founder of D. Gray-Young Inc. Consulting

“ It's a balance of action-packed and thoughtful reflection of what is happening in our lives and how to share those experiences with others and how to learn from others as well. What was the most memorable or impactful moment for me was the palpable energy in the room as Felicia led us through the day. She brought joy and perspective to each and every segment.”

Kathleen Quinn, Founder of CFO Quinn

“If you want to better yourself and be in the company of smart, inspired women, you want to be a part of the “A Purpose Driven Woman” conference. As it relates to starting a business and entrepreneurship, women left knowing that the most important step is to just start, get up every day and learn as much as you can to turn your vision into a reality. 

Kayte Malik, Program Manager, Founder of DresscodeTech
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